Our Cause

What We Do

My Future Matter (MFM) is an educational and community-based initiative operating as a non-governmental organization (NGO) with its primary activities directed to help, nurture and develop orphaned and vulnerable children. MFM has also a mandate to advocate for women and children right. The organisation also empowers women and children to become self-sustaining and constructive to their communities.
The organisation has recently register as a Private Voluntary Organisation (PVO); registration number PVO 08/20. My Future Matters operated as a trust since April 2016. We are currently cleared to operate in Mashonaland East, with activities in Murewa. The organisation subsists on donations by well-wishers, grants, fundraising and currently working on income generating projects through farming, market, gardening Poultry, animal husbandry &

Child Sponsorship

MfM sponsors orphans and vulnerable children in education from primary to tertiary level depending with funding. The organisation uses a holistic approach with children who are it’s beneficiaries, which mean will also look at the general welfare of orphans and vulnerable children.

Educational Resources

MfM has an education hub in Murewa centre with a small computer lad which young people can come and learn. MfM also has a mandate of helping marginalised school with educational resources were possible. To donate any education resource, you can at drop at any of our drop-in centres or email us for collection

Mentorship & Guidance

Mentorship is a key part for development of young people in marginalised communities. MfM aims to creating role-models to help young people build a future. We connect young people with local and international mentors who can guide them through their education as well as career guidance.